Free helmet Yojana -2019|pm helmet yojana online form

Free helmet Yojana 2019,Free helmet Yojana 2019|pm helmet yojana online form
Free helmet Yojana 2019|pm helmet yojana online form

Free helmet Yojana 2019|pm helmet yojana online form

pm helmet yojana online form|From this point of view, we are all aware of the number of traffic accidents that occur today and are a warning to those who do not follow traffic rules and do not wear helmets. That is why the government has hindered the use of helmets while driving the two-wheeled vehicle that handles the traffic rules with force. This led to the introduction of Modi by Free Helmet Plan. Let us know other information related to this plan.

Free helmet Modi yojan|pm helmet yojana FAKE OR REAL!

Under this scheme launched by Modi Government, the helmets will be distributed free of charge to people who drive two-wheeled vehicles. The objective of this free helmet scheme of the government is to reduce traffic accidents. Therefore, a non-gasoline nor helmet rule has not been implemented in some states marked by the government. Under the Modi government plan, the helmets will be distributed to the nearest school. To take advantage of this scheme, you will have to apply online only, and then you can obtain helmets for free.

Pradhan Mantri free yojana helmet

The benefits of the free helmet scheme can only be taken by those who will have two wheels and a driving license. This plan can reduce the number of traffic accidents. This plan can be part of the road safety plan. Social networks have heard that the benefits of this scheme will be available to people starting in August and that they will also have to do the residency for it, then they will be able to take advantage of this scheme.

Pm free helmet yojana FAKE OR REAL!

In this article, we provide you with information about the helmet, the yojana registration, the yojana helmet form, the free government helmet, the yojana helmet of pradhan Mantri, the registration of free helmet, etc. , Family and social sites.

 Fake News Desk Two messages are becoming viral these days on the instant messaging app WhatsApp. In the first message, it is said that on 15th August, the Prime Minister will distribute helmets for free to all the people under the Prime Minister Road Safety Scheme. While similar messages have been said in other messages and it has been written that all boys and girls will be offered free cycles on August 15. A link with both of these messages has also been given and a viral message has written that fill out the form to take advantage of these plans.

We investigated both these messages and gathered information about the plans of the government, then it was found that there is no such scheme of the central government, in which free helmet and bicycles will be distributed. Apart from this, the '.com' has been used in the websites which have been linked with these messages, but '' or '' is always used in government websites.

What is the danger and why does the website do so?
- This type of website spreads like fake messages only to make money. Because the ads are advertised on these websites and the more hits come, the higher the earnings.
- The biggest threat to giving information on such a website is that they can be misused. Websites such as hackers also tend to mislead people when they get their information.

Actually, their passwords can be traced by adding information such as names of people, father's name, birthdate. Generally, people also keep their passwords in their name, father's name or birthdate, so avoid giving your personal information on this type of website.

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